Little Miracles has developed several different services to support any family at any location. At most anytime. What sets us apart from other 3D/4D and HD shops is the simple fact that we come to you! In the comfort and privacy of your home with whomever you might want there. 

*Traveling fee IF further than 25 miles from Buford, GA. Call for your quote!


Sneak Peek

In Office $50  

Private session in your home $75

Found out you're pregnant? Can't wait to hear the baby's heartbeat?

If less than 8 weeks: transvaginal ultrasound for confirmation and approx. due date

If more than 8 weeks 10-15 minute 2D ultrasound. Measuring how far along the baby is 


If 12+ weeks see and hear your baby’s heartbeat live!


2 print outs

Mini Gender Reveal

Gender Delux Scan

In Office $65

Private session in your home $80

15-22 weeks

Book your appointment as early as 16 weeks 

20 minute 2D session

Gender determination (if desired)


USB of all images

3 Print outs

Silver Package

in Office $90

Private session in your home $110

30-40 minute session done in 3D/4D

Gender determination, if desired

All images of a USB

Listen to baby’s heartbeat and get an estimated weight

5-10 print outs

In Office $75

Private session in your home $90

15-22 weeks

10 minute 2D session including 10 minute 3D/4D sneak peak


Gender determination, If desired


All images on a USB


See and hear your baby’s heartbeat live!


Complimentary re-scan if baby is uncooperative


3-5 print outs 

Gold Package

 In Office $110

Private Session in your home $140

Up to an hour session done in 3D/4D 

All images on a USB

Listen to baby’s heartbeat and get an estimated fetal weight


Up to 15 print outs


4D Live clip of baby on USB


Wooden frame for ultrasound picture

Add Ons:

10 prints     $15

Additional USB     $20

4D Live clip on USB (as many as baby allows)   $25

4ft Wooden Stork Birth Announcement in your yard for 3 days $50

(keepsake birth announcement)

Wooden Frame for Ultrasound Image   $10

Projector for large group viewing    $25

Refer a friend for $20 off your package


2383 Timberwolf Ct.

Buford, GA 0519

call for specific directions

Other Services

Sidney Nichols is a talented local photographer in & around the Atlanta area with Sidney Ellen Photography. I highly recommend hiring her to capture these special moments in your life-from maternity to birth to newborn, etc. Please let her know Rachael Little referred you for a special discount!

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